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Step 6: How to Create Intelligent Information

Information products in 7 steps
Step 6: Information delivery

<< Step 1: Contextanalysis | Step 2: Planning | Step 3: Concept development | Step 4: Content creation
Step 5: Media production
>> Step 7: Observation of the information product

An information product is made available for distribution through publication. The information product is delivered either on paper or electronically (e.g., embedded, online or mobile access).

Distribution includes shaping, controlling and monitoring all processes in order to deliver the information products to the user for use. The information product must usually be distributed together with the product. In certain cases, the information product may be distributed separately from the product.

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Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots in Technical Communication – A Primer

It seems likely that artificial intelligence (AI) and AI-driven chatbots will play a key role in helping users in the future. So what does this mean for technical communicators and for User Assistance? In this article Ellis Pratt gives an insight into:

  1. What are Chatbots?
  2. Making a Chatbot
  3. What Does This Mean for Technical Communicators and for User Assistance?

If you want to download this article free as PDF click here.

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