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Step 5: How to Create Intelligent Information

Information products in 7 steps
Step 5: Media production

<< Step 1: Contextanalysis | Step 2: Planning | Step 3: Concept development | Step 4: Content creation
>> Step 6: Information delivery | Step 7: Observation of the information product

The various media are produced in this step after content creation. A distinction is made between print media, electronic media and automatically created media and programming.

Each medium demands specific stipulations and work steps which are described in detail.
The media are available and can then be published and distributed as a result of media production.


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Virtual Reality as the Next Frontier in Design Tools

Awane Jones

A lot of the industry has already adopted VR as a design platform for their projects. The purpose often remains the same: to review a project before committing resources to it. Let´s take a look on these 3 clips with Awane Jones:

  • HTC Vive – VR Interior Design Experience
  • VR & The Future of Car Design
  • The Lab at Google Cultural Institute

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AI and Content

Can Computer Create Content?

Reinoud Kaasschieter

Computers help people create film trailers, musical compositions, and even write news articles. We should ask these three questions:

  • However, can Artificial Intelligence (AI), as it is called, be truly creative by finding and publishing new content?
  • What can we expect from computers when writing texts?
  • Will creative computing eventually replace creators?

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artificial intelligence

Augmented Translation Puts Translators Back in the Center  

Arle Lommel

So how can the world address the demand for language services with the limited supply of providers and the inadequacy of machine translation for use in cases with high standards for accuracy and fluency? CSA Research finds the answer in a new form of translation, one it terms “augmented translation.”

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