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    Vlog: Multimedia in User Assistance

    Axel Luther

    This Video-Blog (vlog) is the first in a series of vlogs on the topic Multimedia Production in User Assistance. At SAP, UA teams are producing more and more multimedia content and with this  vlog serie we want to share our experience and and provide some recommendations.

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    Do the Rules of Platform Control our Lives?

    Johannes Mikkonen

    The way people come together, communicate, and create value is changing. Thesis: In the foreseeable future, all of our interactions with strangers will be facilitated by global digital platforms. Are we losing or gaining power as individuals and as societies as everything is becoming a platform?

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    User Assistance: Resistance Is Futile, You Will Be Assimilated!

    Angel Lafchiev 

    The things we were doing in past years (and continue to do!) were quite an evolution for the classic world of technical communication – adding more and more embedded information into the product, tightly involving user feedback to enhance UA, producing videos that users appreciate to consume information quickly. A few suggestions to think about…

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