Introducing the Italian Association for Technical Communication: COM&TEC

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COM&TEC is the Italian Association for Technical Communication that was set up in 2003 with the aim of promoting the work of information and sharing knowledge in the field of communication and technical documentation.


COM&TEC introduces itself to you all to provide information about the activities and projects in progress and to share the actions and strategies for the development of the sector of Technical Communication in Italy in which it primarily operates and in Europe in partnership with other associations.

In close contact with the main partner associations in Europe with which it shares programs and objectives, COM&TEC supports operators of the sector in the analysis and in orientation of their activities, in the choice of training opportunities and in the activities of exchange of professional experiences.

The associates include:

  • producers that provide technical internal documentation
  • service companies for Technical Communication
  • consultancy and technical preparation firms
  • companies involved in internationalisation, localisation, translation and interpreting
  • graphic and web design firms and other sector operators
  • terminologists
  • the academic world
  • etc.

The activities of COM&TEC include the organisation of:

  • training modules in the form of front-line, online and webinar training
  • periodic conferences, seminars/workshops, technical focus skills, Q&A panels and international meetings

that have the purpose of raising awareness on the importance and strategic role that the communication technique has for the success of each company, regardless of size, and of informing on methodologies, processes, tools, regulations, standards and tools to be used in the document process and in every form of technical communication in general.

In detail, the purposes of COM&TEC are the following:

  • to inform on issues, insights, news
  • to raise awareness and create greater consciousness on the importance of Technical Communication
  • to provide support and to carry out targeted activities
  • to enhance the sharing of sector knowledge
  • to organise research activities and study circles in order to reach the international level
  • to promote the image and figure of the Technical Communicator

Membership of tekom Europe, of which it is a founding member and from this year assumes vice-presidency, allows COM&TEC to:

  • be part of international contexts
  • participate in European committees
  • take part in work projects related to the world of regulations, standardisation and similar areas.


Our Motivation:

Currently, COM&TEC is taking forward an important project on recognition of the professional profile of the Technical Communicator in Italy. In Italy in fact, the professional profile of Technical Communicator is currently not very well known and, above all, is not recognised even if companies, now convinced of the need to form bonds with its own personnel, require such a figure with ever greater urgency and require the specific skills of the Technical Communicator especially as part of Industry 4.0.

COM&TEC has been organising specific training in TC and establishing relationships with other Institutions of Upper Technical Training and University for a long time. Forming a close relationship between those who develop the competences and the future professionals and those seeking those competences and those future professionals so that they can be incorporated among their personnel, is one the tasks and objectives of the Association.

For this reason, COM&TEC expects the commitment not only of trainers/instructors recognised at international level and selected by the same, but also of the members of the Board, including the teachers of ITS MAKER at the seats of Bologna, Modena, Reggio Emilia and Fornovo. At university level, COM&TEC is present in the Steering Committee (CI) of the University of Cagliari and in the Group of Accreditation and Validation (GAV) of the University of Padua.



Among the projects that are most valued:

  • The Bachelor Award “Technical communication: simplifying complexity” with which the degree thesis of students is rewarded that have addressed aspects or carried out studies related to the world of communication and technical documentation.
  • The ITS (Simplified Technical Italian) project, within controlled and simplified languages, with the purpose of providing guidelines for the drafting of contents to be communicated univocally so that they are understandable and accessible, without any possibility of misunderstanding or non-understanding including for the purposes of localisationand multilingual translation
  • The First University Specialisation Course in Technical Communication performed for the first time in Italy. 120 hours entirely dedicated to the key issues of the Technical Communication Process, for the first time at the disposal of companies, sector professionals and all interested parties seeking to implement specific competencies and skills which are in high demand by the market today.

Commitments and unique events in 2017:

2017 was a year full of commitments, contacts and unique events in Italy that COM&TEC has created through highly  original and interactive formats, particularly popular with  participants and which has aroused a great deal of interest.

These include the following:

  • the Q&A Panel on the evolution of TC in Italy in the era of IoT and Industry 4.0 (sustainable models for companies)
  • the CCMS Marathon, a conference on the development and use of CMS and CCMS including interactive sessions and talks between speakers and audience
  • the COM&TEC World Cafè, 7 round tables on 7 different topics to give the attendees the opportunity to share info and best practices and get involved also in the areas they were not used to be or they were not well aware
  • PIT STOP 4.0, a real run stop for a couple of hours, to discuss on the situation of innovation, technical communication and intelligent information in Italy, in particular in the automotive sector.



And in 2018?

First event

2018 will see COM&TEC engaged in a full program of events that will host the participation of national and international speakers and participants from various sectors of Italian and global industry. The first of all, the COM&TEC event in collaboration with tekom Europe will be held on 2 March. An important opportunity to attend a historic meeting and take stock of the situation at the European level.

The city selected for the venue is the wonderful and romantic Verona where in the Hotel Leopardi speakers and attendees will meet and talk about Technical Communication and Intelligent Information. The following day, on March 3, the boards’ members of the different National Associations as well as the representatives from the Country Organizations belonging to tekom Europe, will sit on the same table to plan new initiatives and projects and fix the new trends in the field of TC.

Main topic of the event on March 2nd: “Needs in TC all over Europe – fit for the new trends


Second event

The second event of 2018 will be the World Forum on Controlled Natural Languages. For the first time ever COM&TEC is organising in Italy the first world event on Controlled Languages based on natural languages in Florence, 16-17 March 2018

In a plenary session on 16 March and in a workshop session on 17 March, the two days on Natural Controlled and Simplified Languages brings together companies and professionals of the sector who use, support, disseminate, develop or who are affected by Controlled Languages based on natural language (English, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, etc.) in the presence of representatives of the academic and institutional world.

A leading protagonist of the 1st World Forum on Controlled Natural Languages, ITS Simplified Technical Italian that is becoming part of the international scene as a Controlled Language, officially recognised and presented over two days as the authoritative Italian method and equal to other Controlled Languages that are officially disseminated. The current practical application and the experiences of use of Controlled Languages in the various natural languages presented will be oriented to the most different application areas such as Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Technologies for Technical Writing, Technologies for Translation, Content Management Systems, Semantic Web, and much more besides.


Then, COMTecnica 2018

COM&TEC in collaboration with tekom Europe is hosting the third edition of COMtecnica, organised by tcworld. Main topic: Intelligent Information – Smart Processes for Content Delivery

Making information intelligent is one of the key aspects in the time of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT). Companies have to face many challenges in adapting to these new requirements. The topic focus of COMTecnica 2018 will be on methods, tools and processes on how to deliver smart content.

The call for papers is open.

We are looking for interesting proposals for presentations and/or workshops in the following areas:

  • Intelligent Information (Structured Authoring and metadata with/without XML)
  • Legal requirements and standards
  • Innovative product communication (Chatbot, eCommerce and social media)
  • User experience/Customer experience
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality (use cases from industry companies)
  • Mobile Documentation (use cases, apps)
  • TC for global demand (localization, translation and internationalization)
  • Opportunities of employability in the TC sector

Save the above datesGet involved and join us!