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Latest posts by testautor


    Virtual Reality as the Next Frontier in Design Tools

    Awane Jones

    A lot of the industry has already adopted VR as a design platform for their projects. The purpose often remains the same: to review a project before committing resources to it. Let´s take a look on these 3 clips with Awane Jones:

    • HTC Vive – VR Interior Design Experience
    • VR & The Future of Car Design
    • The Lab at Google Cultural Institute

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    What is Contextualization all About & Why is it so Important in Information 4.0?

    Andy McDonald 

    Contextual help is a term that has been around for a long time, but until now it means little more than being able to deliver a block of information based on position to everyone, regardless of the task each is doing. While this is a laudable approach, it is far from the notion of contextualisation we would like to see emerge around Information 4.0.

    About the meaning of contextualization in Information 4.0, content prediction and mapping knowledge & experience …

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