How to Create and Deliver Intelligent Information

Date(s) - 01/03/2018 - 02/03/2018

The two-day conference takes place in Amsterdam on March 1-2 and is organized by tcworld GmbH in cooperation with Information 4.0 Consortium.


Advances in leaps and bounds in technology such as AI, IoT, and chatbots are having a direct impact on the end user information experience every day. For decades now information hardly exists outside of technology. What is changing right now is that the technology itself now has the power to shape and change the information we are provided with.

This situation poses a lot of questions not least of which is the future of information itself. The intelligent factor in any of these technologies is information and the two-way interactions between technology and information is what will make these technologies succeed or disappoint. In this respect, Information Energy 2018 will focus on subjects that deal with.

 Together we want to get closer to these questions:

  • Chat bot is about the bot yes, but what about the chat part?
  • How is the informational value in a conversation designed?
  • How does the IoT change information production and what roles do humans play?
  • Is the „I“ in AI still strictly human?
  • If we believe what marketing is now telling us, will AI be really present everywhere in 2018?

About Information Energy

Information Energy brings specialists from the worlds of information and technology together in an annual two-day conference full of engaging presentations and interactive sessions with internationally recognized speakers. The conference will focus on the interaction between technologies and humans – in production or in end use. We’ll examine the interfaces and methods that facilitate exchange and production of more intelligent interactions, combining information and technology.


  • Satisfying users with chatbots
  • Speech driven machines
  • Language driven machines
  • Natural languages processes
  • Deep learning
  • Natural communication
  • Role of humans in intelligent technology 
  • Semantic technologies
  • What is semantic tech and where is it going?
  • Domain specific ontologies


Technologists: you will gain insight into how information fits into the technology you’re designing.

Information specialists: you’ll learn about the new intelligent technologies and how they affect information flow. Everyone gains from the cross-fertilization and exchange of ideas that will contribute to defining where we go next. This is your opportunity to have your say in designing the future.

Keynote Speakers

Keynote 1: How Devices Will Observe and Perceive in the Future: Advances in AI through Ubiquitous Perception

AI promises to be the most disruptive technology we have ever known. Researcher Stephan Sigg talks about the impact AI and other future technologies will have on the way we live and work.

Keynote 2: Will Intuition Machines and Conversational Cognition change how we use Deep Learning in the Information world?

I’ve got this ominous feeling that 2018 could be the year that everything just changes dramatically. The incredible breakthroughs we saw in 2017 for Deep Learning is going to carry over in a very powerful way in 2018. A lot of work coming from research will be migrating itself into everyday software applications.

As I’ve done last year, I have predictions for 2018, some of which will be talked about …

Carlos E. Perez has been a professional software architect since 1993. He has a diverse experience working in several industries and US federal agencies.


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