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Date(s) - 13/06/2018 - 14/06/2018

UA Reloaded 2018

UA Reloaded 18 is a new conference format that tekom has developed together with the UA experts of SAP. The event takes place for the second time in a row. Instead of back-to-back PPT lectures, interaction, improvisation and inspiration take center stage.
The topics go beyond the classic portfolio of technical communication. We are now dealing with what User Assistance could disruptively change in the future. Here, international experts unveil the newest options: from video documentation to machine learning to virtual reality.

Why you should attend

At UA Reloaded 18, you have the opportunity to take part in presentations and workshops where international expert speakers unveil the newest options in UA: from video documentation to machine learning to virtual reality. It is also the ideal platform to exchange knowledge and grow your network.


  • User Assistance
  • Virtual Reality
  • Transmedia Storytelling
  • Machine Learning
  • Multimedia Documentation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Video Documentation
  • Augmented Reality
  • Eye Tracking

Motivation of UA Reloaded

As user assistance (UA) needs to go beyond flat text to innovative new formats and media types, technical writers need to get ready for new technologies, such as voice interaction, to be able to create cutting-edge deliverables for today and the future. With the right tools and infrastructure at hand, and by collaborating with customers to design and prototype new UA concepts, the user assistance community should aim to develop an end-to-end knowledge experience that is attractive to every user.

At UA Reloaded, we don’t want to deal with any of the traditional topics that fill the agenda of a standard UA conference. Instead, we intend to take a fresh look at the topic of UA and how new technologies and developments can be re-imagined in the context of user assistance.

Presentations on current UA topics and interactive workshops, such as:

Inno Jam:

Inno Jam is a competition that takes place during UA Reloaded 18. This competition is open to students currently enrolled in technical communication programs or related studies as well as recent graduates (after 2016) and startup companies.


Highlights from Last Year

UA Reloaded 17 provided information and entertainment in one: participants experienced interactive lectures, live videos, and many live demonstrations of new products at the Future Forum, where they could experience and test the latest technologies. The participants were able to sit back and enter a world soon to arrive, discovering the impact of these new technical inventions in the field of User Assistance on themselves, their companies and users.

To get an idea of the event, check out the report on last year’s conference and watch here the impressions of the first UA Reloaded conference:


 More Information:



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