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Extended: Blog Carnival “Your best story on the subject of instructions for use”

Welcome to the iiBlog Blog Carnival 2020, “Your best story on the subject of instructions for use”.

Running until June 20, 2020!

Everyone knows it – this moment. You buy something new, rip open the box and want to get started right away. But how? Whether cupboard, lamp, smartphone, printer or Lego set, the instructions for use reveal the correct use, all the functions and what needs to be observed.

As a classic manual, PDF or video tutorial, it accompanies you on the way from individual bagged parts to a functional item. It is a part of your story – and we want to read it!

Can you tell us your best story about you and a user manual?

Maybe you remember the first time you built something on your own, so proud of the result in the end?

Do you remember how excited you were with the manual open on your knees, trying every button and wheel on your new SLR camera?

Or does a really embarrassing accident come to mind? Who hasn’t sweated over an instruction manual from the IKEA mirror cabinet? Or desperately searched for that one unfindable screw? Or gotten a really weird result?

Maybe you are even a technical writer and CREATE instruction manuals? Then you surely have some exciting anecdotes to tell…

We want to know! Share your most beautiful, funniest or craziest story with us and take part in our blog carnival “Your best story on the topic of instructions for use”!

You can find some inspiration in these guiding ideas:

  • Have you recently assembled a piece of furniture, an appliance or something similar?
  • What was the first thing you built or put into operation according to the instructions? How did it work?
  • Do you like to tighten the screws yourself, or do you like help?
  • Do you prefer the classic manual, or do you prefer to watch video tutorials?
  • Has anything ever gone badly wrong during assembly or commissioning?

How to take part in the iiBlog Blog Carnival 2020

As blogger:

  • Publish a post on your blog/vlog/podcast/youtube-channel by jUNE 20, 2020
    • Write/say that you are participating in this blog carnival, and
    • Link to this article.
  • Link to your article in the comments below this article and tell us briefly what it is about.
  •  (Optional) Share this blog carnival with your network – on social media, in your newsletter, in WhatsApp status and your email signature. The more people join in, the better!

Without blog:

  • post your story as comment below or send it at

And you’re already part of it!

Look into the future

After June 20, 2020, we will list and summarize all participating contributions in a final blog post.

Have fun and great thoughts at our iiBlog blog carnival 2020!

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