iiRDS Consortium – Interview Series: “Five Questions for…” – Andreas Klüter!

Are you also “iiRDS ready”? In an interview, Andreas Klüter shares his views on his participation in iiRDS and gives an exciting outlook on the changes that the standard may soon bring with it.

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Everything Is Smart – with iiRDS on the Road to Success

Judith Hallwachs

Thinking back over the last couple of years, digital transformation is on everyone’s lips, and it doesn’t stop at the world of technical communication. The statement that nowadays everything is smart affects technical communication on three levels: There are smart products and smart services on the one hand, which on the other hand, come along with smart users as well as smart production.

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Can Documentation be Agile? A Field Report

Marion Knebel

In software development, the keyword agile is at least as popular as DITA in technical writing. This is no surprise. Both agile and DITA focus on modularization and the requirements of the users. In this article, we discuss how agile documentation works in practice, recommend tools that support the agile processes and point out the challenges for technical writers.

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