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iiRDS Consortium – Interview Series: “Five Questions for…” – Rainer Börsig!

“iiRDS has potential! Companies can develop entire information supply chains that ensure that modular information is provided from the component supplier to the machine manufacturer to the plant manufacturer to the operator in such a way that the end user can find a suitable answer to his question before he expresses it”, Rainer Börsig explains confidently. May it be a little more iiRDS? Of course, you’ll find it in the interview!

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iiRDS Consortium – Interview Series: “Five Questions for…” – Philipp Tschöke & Jan Oevermann!

“We are convinced that the accumulated experience of system manufacturers, industry, service and consulting companies will lead to the best possible result: to a standard that works across systems, that fits methodically, and that is tailored to the individual requirements of companies”, our interview partners say about iiRDS. You can read more of their perspectives in the interview…

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Not like the others – what’s special about UA Reloaded?

Not like the others – what’s special about UA Reloaded? Our Blog Series at One Sight Not like the others #1 – what’s special about UA Reloaded? Tell us, John Sumpter! Innovative, informative and interactive: UA Reloaded is an international conference with futuristic flair and strong networking options. User Assistance is the keyword around which […]

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‘One Trait All Writers Share Is Curiosity.’

Interview with Yordan Georgiev

In our series, people from different age and professional groups introduce us to their IT jobs. Beginners, students or people with quite long working experience share their motivation and recommendations, confirming prejudices or invalidating them.

Today, we talked with Yordan Georgiev from Bulgaria who works as a Senior Technical Writer at VMware. We are curios to know, what makes him love his job …

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