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Not Like the Others #1 – What’s Special About UA Reloaded? Tell Us, John Sumpter!

Not like the others: the innovative UA Reloaded, an international conference newly conceived by tekom and SAP focusing on user assistance, creates a completely new space for the exchange of information dealing with the striking changes that user assistance can have on our future, with specialist lectures and interactive workshops.

From May 15 to 16, 2019, industry experts and interested parties will speak and interact in St. Leon Rot (near beautiful Heidelberg, Germany) about the latest opportunities and visions for video documentation, service design, virtual reality and other exciting topics. One of them is John Sumpter, who talks to us about his UA experiences in the first part of our interview series “Not Like the Others – What’s Special About UA Reloaded?”.

Subject specialist (Digital Practice – Leadership)


John Sumpter

… has fifteen years experience leading significant change and development in digital pedagogy across organisations in the UK and internationally. 

Working as part of a team of subject specialists, John currently supports further, higher and skill sector education members to develop institutional and staff capabilities, working in partnership with senior leadership to influence change and deliver solutions.

John also leads the Digital Leaders Programme that empowers leaders to respond more effectively to technology-driven change.

Let’s get started!

Hi, John. Why are you coming to UA Reloaded?

John: Because the importance of user assistance is becoming greater, and new technologies and approaches are developing so fast, it’s important to keep up and discover the latest trends.

Have you already been to UA Reloaded?

John:Yes, I have.I am going to UA Reloaded because in 2017 I presented at the same conference and was really pleased to find a real mix of people from different backgrounds and a vast range of technologies. It was very enjoyable then, and I’m sure it will be again.

John, you will give a workshop at UA Reloaded as well. It is called “Framing Digital”. That sounds pretty interesting. Can you tell us what this is about in one sentence only?

John: Helping others understand the methods we can use to successfully implement technology to connect people and improve processes.

And what can your participants expect from it? What are the learning outcomes?

John: The workshop will require participants to engage in group activities including roleplay. (Don’t worry, only in very small groups 😊)

Who should participate?

John: Anyone who uses digital in an organization (so, everyone!)

UA Reloaded offers great opportunities, for example, professional exchange, networking, inspiration and much more. What do you look forward to the most?

John: The vast array of technologies and different specialists to interact with.

Thanks, John, and have a great time at UA.

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