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Lisa Mümmler

Onlineredakteurin & Bloggerin at tekom
Lisa Mümmler studied German language and literature and philosophy at the Ruprecht-Karls-University in Heidelberg. She is a passionate online editor, social media manager and blogger. Since October 2018 she has been supporting tekom's marketing team, including the iiBlog.
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Dave Tang

David Tang is the founder of, the marketplace for premium business documents (business frameworks, presentation templates, financial models, etc.). Prior to Flevy, David worked as a management consultant for eight years. Domestic and international (EMEA and APAC) project experience. He has worked with clients across industries of Media & Entertainment, Telecommunications, Consumer Products, High-Tech, and Life Sciences.
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Andy McDonald

Trained as a social psychologist, Andy McDonald has been designing and writing documentation for the oil industry since 1998, and is now Product Manager for Tech Advantage in the Paris area.
Having seen methods, norms and formats come and go, his basic training leads him naturally to concentrate on the people involved in the processes and the end user requirements.
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Evelyn Heller

Evelyn Heller has been studying Communication and Media Management at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences since 2014. After completing her Bachelor's degree in 2018, she continues her studies in the Master's program. In particular, she focuses on User Assistance as well as the creation and distribution of information using interactive media (e.g. e-learning, augmented reality, virtual reality).

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Ferry Vermeulen

Ferry Vermeulen is director at INSTRKTIV GmbH. He is a member of the tekom Europe advisory board for legislation and standards and speaks frequently at international conferences. His blog is read by over 15k people each month.
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Ulrike Parson

CEO at parson AG
Ulrike Parson is the founder and CEO of parson AG. The company was founded in 2006 in Hamburg, Germany and is specialized in technical communication, knowledge management and technical consulting. Ulrike’s areas of expertise are developer documentation and content strategy.
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Kai Weber

Kai Weber is Lead Technical Writer for financial software. He has been planning and realising software documentation strategies since 2001. With his bent for the cognitive foundations of user assistance, Kai Weber is a renowned speaker and author. He has contributed to tekom/tcworld, STC, and TCUK.
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Michael Fritz

Michael Fritz holds a PhD in media sciences, a degree in business administration and specializes in marketing. He worked for several associations, e.g. as head of an institute for lifelong learning. Since 1996 he is CEO of tekom Deutschland e.V. and since 2013 also CEO of tekom Europe. He is also CEO of tcworld GmbH.

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    Ilona Wallberg

    geschäftsführende Gesellschafterin at beo Gesellschaft für Sprachen und Technologie mbH
    Ilona Wallberg: Managing Director at beo Gesellschaft für Sprachen und Technologie mbH since 2010, with responsibility for quality assessment and quality management, amongst other things. Previously worked at Siemens for 22 years. Co-author of purchasing guidelines. Chair of DIN-NAT-AA03, member of the ISO TC37 Steering Committee, of the advisory board and the board of trustees for SDI Munich, and a member of Transforum.

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    Ellis Pratt

    Ellis Pratt is a Director at Cherryleaf, a technical writing services and training company based near London. His role here includes teaching an advanced technical writing course. He has over 20 years of experience working in the field of documentation, has a BA in Business Studies, and is an Associate of the Institution of Engineering and Technology. Ellis is contributor to two books on technical communication. He is also on the management council for the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators (ISTC), the professional body for technical communicators in the UK.
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    Pamela Kostur

    Pamela Kostur is the Program Coordinator for Centennial College’s Interactive Media Management post-graduate program, and teaches content planning and interactive strategy. She is also a Digital Strategy Consultant, helping clients to connect content to the user experience, and create engaging interactive experiences.

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    Anne Gentle

    Anne Gentle works as a technical product manager at Cisco, supporting the Metacloud product based on OpenStack. She uses open-source techniques for API design, documentation, dev ops, and developer support. OpenStack provides open-source cloud computing software through collaboration among more than 30 projects written in Python across hundreds of Git repositories. Anne advocates for cloud users and administrators by providing accurate technical information to increase OpenStack adoption as a cloud for the world.
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    Anikar Haseloff

    Anikar Haseloff is founder and managing director of H&H CommunicationLab GmbH in Ulm. Since 2006, language concepts for companies have been developed there (Corporate Language/Brand Language) and communication for companies has been translated into modern and understandable language. He is specialist for brand language and comprehensibility in customer communication. In addition he advises and trains high-level personnel and coworkers in enterprises from all industries. In addition, with H&H CommunicationLab he is the developer and distributor of the TextLab software, with which companies can develop, control and measure their own brand language.

    Roland Gleißner

    Intelligent information at work - how can they help with research? Here is an example directly from practice.

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    Sandra Zeisberg

    Sandra Zeisberg studied technical editing at the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences and focuses not only on documentation but also on topics such as usability, quality assurance and knowledge management. Since 2017, she has been responsible for the creation of various types of documentation at Across Systems.

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    Vanya Maneva

    Senior UA developer at SAP
    Vanya Maneva is a Senior UA developer at SAP. She has twelve years’ experience in user assistance for on-premise and cloud software products and knowledge of writing standards, information design, DITA, community moderation. Vanya was one of the first volunteers working for the Evolution of TC and tekom Bulgaria.

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      Nithya Krishnan

      User Assistance Developer and User Experience Advocate at SAP
      Nithya Krishnan is a User Assistance Developer and User Experience Advocate by profession. In her 10+ years of experience in the field of technical communications, she has authored end-user documentation artifacts across domains such as Healthcare, Mobility, Database Modeling and Management, and Enterprise On-Premise and Cloud-based Solutions. With an academic background in Information Technology, her interest lies in creating a cohesive learning environment for all roles involved in a software development process. She has presented topics in forums and conferences in India and Germany. Outside the sphere of her work, she loves to travel and believes her most fulfilling experience lies in trekking to the remote villages nestled in the mighty Himalayas.

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      Sarah O'Keefe

      Sarah O'Keefe is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Scriptorium. She's also a chronic chocoholic and a content strategy consultant. She is the coauthor of "Content Strategy 101: Transform Technical Content into a Business Asset" and an experienced public speaker. Sarah is in demand at conferences worldwide. She is fluent in German, reads voraciously and is in love with water sports.
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      Oksana Mikitisin

      Team Leader Translation & Proofreading at Transline Deutschland GmbH
      Oksana Mikitisin is a specialist for MT, Technical English and Simplified Technical English at Transline. As a translator, proofreader and post-editor of technical documentation, she knows exactly what it takes to optimize translation processes.

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