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iiCharts: The three most popular iiBlog articles 2019

Almost 30 new English-language opinions, trends and contributions from the intelligent information universe have appeared this year in exciting, informative articles on the iiBlog. Among other things, we heard opinions on iiRDS, discussed developments in the profession of technical writer and philosophized about artificial intelligence. Our readers were particularly interested in these three gems:

3rd place: BLOG CARNIVAL – How Does Intelligent Information Shape Our Future?

A magnet for ideas: a respectable seventeen bloggers from a wide range of fields took part in our blog parade and revealed how they see the future under the influence of intelligent information. Our readers are dying to hear about this topic, so this blog parade post makes it to the winners’ list!

Spoiler alert: Next year there will be another spectacular blog parade…

2nd place: Why Your Role of Technical Writer Is Becoming Increasingly Important

Afraid of being replaced by machines? No way! This optimistic article on the current and future role of technical editors hits the bullseye and is rewarded with the iiSilver Medal!

1st place:  With a Mindmap and a Sharp Pen – the New Structure of IEC/IEEE 82079-1 Ed. 2

82079 wins the gold: The focus of this informative article is what is likely the most important standard of technical communication – which is also of general interest. That’s why we are celebrating this well-deserved annual victory!

We sincerely thank all blog authors for their great entries, their time and their commitment and are incredibly excited about more captivating, enlightening and interesting articles in 2020.

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We wish our authors, readers and friends of the intelligent information universe a Merry Christmas, restful holidays and a Happy New Year!

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