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BLOG CARNIVAL – How Does Intelligent Information Shape Our Future?

Welcome to the iiBlog Blog Carnival

Title: How Does Intelligent Information Shape Our Future?

Period: February 1 to March 17, 2019

Who: Anyone who has their own blog or writes for a blog

Be honest – you’ve probably already thought about how digital transformation and intelligent information will influence and change your future. Many thought experiments are available, both on a private and a professional level. Some may be realistic, others science fiction – but where is the line?

In a society in which we chat with Siri and Alexa, which one is complemented by augmented reality and which one is increasingly shifting from the material to the virtual? Artificial intelligences learn, data glasses expand our perception, fitness trackers know better than we do how we feel, and the “auto” in automobiles takes on a whole new meaning… what’s the next step?

Share your own personal future scenario with us and take part in our blog carnival “How does intelligent information shape our future?”

These Key Questions Can Help You

  • What could your future everyday life look like in the context of intelligent information?
  • What could future everyday life become in the context of intelligent information in general?
  • How will your professional future change in the context of intelligent information?
  • How will future working life in general change?
  • What are your hopes and fears for the future?
  • What change do you wish for our future in the digital transformation? 

If you are wondering what exactly “intelligent information” is again: You can find an answer here.

It’s That Easy to Take Part in This Blog Carnival:

  • Post a blog post on your blog from February 1 to March 17, 2019.
    • Include in the post that you are taking part in this blog carnival and
  • Link your post in the comments below this post and tell us briefly what it’s about.

And you are already in the game!

A Look into the Future

After March 17, 2019, we will list all participating contributions in a final blog post and summarize a bit.

Have fun and great thoughts in our iiBlog blog carnival!

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