How to Create and Deliver Intelligent Information
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Jennifer Gitt

Information Manager at avato consulting ag
Jennifer Gitt is a specialist for information management with a focus on IT. As Information Manager at avato consulting ag, she manages customer projects aimed at the development (including maintenance) of intelligent information. She knows the challenges, methods and process models that have proven themselves in practice in order to build up a successful information portal in the long term. She successfully completed her studies in International Business & Change Management in 2011 and has been involved in information preparation, communication and management ever since.
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The Path from Technical Writer to Information Manager

This article aims to draw attention to the increasing importance of technical writers/information managers and highlights the features of these job descriptions. In addition, it offers an overview of possible developments and recommended qualifications. Use the comments to let the community know which certifications you think are important for a technical writer or information manager.

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