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Not Like the Others #3 – What’s Special About UA Reloaded? Tell Us, Anton Bollen!

Not like the others: the innovative UA Reloaded, an international conference newly conceived by tekom and SAP focusing on user assistance, creates a completely new space for the exchange of information dealing with the striking changes that user assistance can have on our future, with specialist lectures and interactive workshops.

From May 15 to 16, 2019, industry experts and interested parties will speak and interact in St. Leon Rot (near beautiful Heidelberg, Germany) about the latest opportunities and visions for video documentation, service design, virtual reality and other exciting topics. One of them is Anton Bollen, who talks to us about his UA experiences in the first part of our interview series “Not Like the Others – What’s Special About UA Reloaded?”.

European Customer & Market Strategist

Anton Bollen

… started 2003 as an Instructional Specialist at TechSmith where he focused on the creation and localisation of training videos. He moved to Germany in 2010 where he now works closely with the European user base to support the use of visual content that is engaging and effective.


Let’s get started!

Hello Anton. Why are you coming to UA Reloaded?

Anton: I am coming to UA reloaded for multiple reasons, speaking included. I want to discover and discuss upcoming trends, technologies and use cases that will help improve the way we can onboard our users or provide digital training resources. I also want to connect with other professionals in the field to validate my own ideas and get inspiration. And last but not least, I want to specifically connect with other users who are as passionate about technical video content as I am.

Have you already been to UA Reloaded?

Anton: I’ve attended UA Reloaded the last two years and I always left inspired. Discovering new concepts, seeing how they will shape the future of user assistance and learning how one might apply them is incredibly valuable for all. Further, the atmosphere of the event enables great networking and peer-to-peer learning. As such, I am very happy to return my third year not only as a learner, but also a contributor.

Anton, you will give a workshop at UA Reloaded as well. It is called “Getting Started in Video Creation for User Assistance”. What an interesting topic! Can you tell us what this is about in one sentence only?

Anton: A hands-on workshop that will guide participants through the basic process for creating a video, led together with Chris Gialloreto. (SAP).

And what can your participants expect from it? What are the learning outcomes?

Anton: Working in groups, participants will write a script, record audio and video footage, and edit to produce the final video. By going through this process, participants will learn the basic planning and creation workflows, a number of video best practices combined with the ability to ask questions. The learning can be applied to one’s own video project, regardless of their style and topic.

Who should participate?

Anton: The workshop is geared at professionals with little to no former video experience who are looking to create their own video content, but don’t know where to start. The skills learned can be applied to classic training videos, video documentation, How-tos and most other types of technical video.

UA Reloaded offers great opportunities, for example, professional exchange, networking, inspiration and much more. What do you look forward to the most?

Anton: To contribute to the conference through my workshop, and helping attendees get started on their video journey. That, and of course networking and learning through conversations with all other participants.

Thanks to you, Anton, and enjoy UA Reloaded 2019.

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