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    Not Just for Laughs: Putting Animated GIFs to Work for Technical Communication

    Daniel Foster

    If the official documentation is an intimidating (dare I say boring) wall of text, they are likely to dismiss it and look elsewhere. While videos have become a bigger piece of the content pie for many technical communication teams, the added complexity of audio production and streaming video hosting can be a limiting factor in their use.

    One lightweight option worth adding to your multimedia toolbox is a technology that dates back to the dawn of the Digital Age – the animated GIF.

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    “Educate yourself, take it seriously, and be proud of what you do!”

    Interview with Ulrika Månsson

    Today we have talked with Ulrika Månsson. She is a Language Engineer and CAT Tool Specialist at a Sweden language service provider. Earlier she accomplished a technical writer training and worked as a translator and language teacher…

    In our series, people from different age and professional groups introduce us to their IT jobs. Beginners, students or people with quite long working experience share their motivation and recommendations, confirming prejudices or invalidating them.


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    how to get most of your events

    Guide: How to Get the Most Out of Your Events

    Helena Maier

    No matter what form of event you decide upon – if you prepare well, you will benefit more from it. Preparation does not end with registration and booking your trip. There is a lot more that you can do in the days before, during and after participation to get more out of your events.

    Here are some tips and advices you can download as a PDF file.

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    context engine stephan sigg intelligent information

    Context Prediction is The Key For Conversational Chatbots

    Andy McDonald 

    At the Information Energy Day at tcworld in Suttgart, the level of exchanges between attendees and speakers demonstrates that chatbots are indeed the technology that a lot of companies are trying to embrace. It also confirmed that professionals from the techcomm world have a key role to play alongside the technologists putting them together.

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    When the Digital and the Real Are Combined

    Hanane Anoua

    The best technological realizations are those that stem from a real need and tap into the mood of the consumer and not the opposite. Our focus should not be on the technology itself but on human needs and aspirations. When the digital and the real are combined, credibility is earned and loyalty is returned.

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    Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots in Technical Communication – A Primer

    Ellis Pratt

    It seems likely that artificial intelligence (AI) and AI-driven chatbots will play a key role in helping users in the future. So what does this mean for technical communicators and for User Assistance? In this article Ellis Pratt gives an insight into:

    1. What are Chatbots?
    2. Making a Chatbot
    3. What Does This Mean for Technical Communicators and for User Assistance?

    If you want to download this article free as PDF click here.

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