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Industrial IoT and Manufacturing Intelligence

A concrete example of a connected factory, the Smart Factory solution realized, and its future development – all over the world, manufacturing companies have started their journey towards the concept of a digital factory, slowly but consistently. They see value in the Internet of Things (IoT) and in the extended concept of Industry 4.0 to improve their production processes, but struggle to define a roadmap and build a model that integrates a growth of processes, organization and systems towards the factory of the future.

The BHGE case is an example of a company that, in partnership with Capgemini, has led a holistic transformation towards a digital model by creating a connected factory and defining new interfunctional skills and teams capable of managing complexity and the challenges of the future.
BHGE shows how long-term vision and investment in people, as well as new digital enabling technologies, are a critical success factor.

Alberto Carnevali
Capgemini Italia 

In charge of pre-sales for the Manufacturing, Retail & Distribution sector at Capgemini Italia and Digital Manufacturing Offer Manager. He works on building portfolios of innovative consultancy services in the manufacturing sector and participates in projects to transform companies in Supply Chain and Operations as support for project definition and as a Subject Matter Expert. Over 20 years of experience in process definition and management solutions and systems, in projects aimed at the continuous improvement of companies in the manufacturing sector. 

Marco Cavanna 
Capgemini Italia

Project Manager for several manufacturing projects, Manager of the Smart Factory projects in Italy and collaborator for pre-sales for the Manufacturing, Retail & Distribution sector in Capgemini Italia and abroad. He has been working for BHGE in the Smart Factory product implementation field. Marco knows all the processes related to industry digitalization in the field of Industry 4.0. Over 18 years of experience in the definition of processes, management solutions and systems in various sectors (Telecommunications, Energy, Insurance, Manufacturing), focusing over 3 years on manufacturing companies.

tekom: Alberto and Marco, you will be speakers at COMtecnica Conference 19 in Rimini on May 7. Have you ever attended a conference in the specific field of technical communication and intelligent information before?

Alberto and Marco: Yes!

tekom: Why did you select the BHGE case in particular for COMtecnica Conference 19? And what can participants expect from it? What are the learning outcomes?

Alberto and Marco: BHGE was in a co-partnership with Capgemini to build an innovative IoT platform. Digital Transformation is driven by the ability to grow new capabilities, leadership and digital skills.

tekom: This is your first time at the COMtecnica conference. What would you like to take away from this new context and network?

Alberto and Marco: Networking, brainstorming and new ideas.

tekom: Please describe your speech in one sentence if possible.

Alberto and Marco: Imagine your future factory and enable it with Smart Factory.

COMtecnica Conference 2019

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