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Ever since founder Wim Hooghwinkel started the Information Energy conference, it has been a place for innovation, cross-disciplinary exchange, and unexpected surprises. This year, the conference takes a new turn, while maintaining its tradition of innovation and silo bridging.

New Location

This year’s Information Energy Conference will be held at a new venue, and new dates: March 1-2, 2018 at the Hotel Casa in Amsterdam, one of the world’s great hi-tech startup cities. Not only can attendees benefit from easy access from Schiphol Airport, but also from the availability of all Amsterdam has to offer, professionally and for sightseeing.

New Programming Emphasis

The Information 4.0 Consortium is collaborating with TEKOM Europe to programme the conference around synergies between technologists and information specialists. In the era of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, we can’t afford to stay siloed – we all need to collaborate in product design and user experience, now that these and other Industry 4.0 technologies are coming on line.

Impressive Speakers

This year’s programme features two days of presentations and interactive workshops, with

a stunning lineup of speakers from both disciplines. You can join and exchange with speakers like keynoters Stephan Sigg and Carlos E. Perez, and featured speakers like Rahel Anne Bailie and Cruce Saunders. Our growing list of speakers includes distinguished researchers, senior practitioners, and representatives of industry giants like Siemens or VMware. Check them out at


Above all, join us and add your voice to the discussion – but don’t wait too long, early bird prices will expire February 01!


Who is the driving force behind that?

One of them is Ray Gallon … 

Ray Gallon… who is the co-founder of The Transformation Society, a research and consulting company. He has over 40 years as a communicator, first as an award-winning radio producer and journalist, then in the technical content industries. His management experience includes a stint as program manager of WNYC-FM, New York City’s public radio station.

Ray has always been interested in the meeting point between technology and culture, and has used his broad experience to advantage with companies such as IBM or the OECD, as well as in smaller companies and startup enterprises. Ray is a university lecturer and a speaker at events throughout the world.


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